Заполните пропуски прилагательным или наречием в нужной форме. This poems are (popular) that his novels. This watch is (expensive) than that one He is not so (tall) as his father. The weather isnt as (bad) as it was yesterday. I have many friends, but he is my (good) one. His brother is (talented) than he. London is the (large and beautiful) city in England. The twenty-second of December is the (short) day of the year. Silver is (heavy) that copper.

His poems are more popular than his novels.This watch is more expensive than that one.He is not so tall as his father.The weather isnt as bad as it was yesterday.I have many friends, but he is my best one.His brother is more talented than he.London is the  the largest and the most beautiful city in England.The twenty-second of December is the shortest day of the year.Silver is heavier that copper.

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