Срочно! английский языкII. Choose the right variant (Выберите правильный вариант) 1. Have you _____ the matter properly. A settled B minded C considerate D respected 2. Stop crying! You know you are right. Don’t give them _____ without even trying. A in B up C on D out 3. There is no salt on the table. Bring a salt- _____, please. A basin B cellar C beet D pot 4. Fruit growing is _____except the Arctic and the Antarctic. A advancing B delicious C widespread D sophisticated 5. The waiter served us well, so let’s give him good _____. A bill B money C tip D advice 6. The mass market caters _____ a wide range of customers and produces ready-made clothes in large quantities and standard sizes. A for B atC to D on 7. Movies have a big _____ on what people wear. A affect B meaningC sense D impact 8. Don’t you realize that wearing jeans does not ______ the image of a prosperous company?A fit B matchC suit D put on 9. She decided to _____ a yellow dress to match her light-brown suit. A dress B put onC put off D wear 10. Our house isn’t joined to the other houses in the street; it is _____. A disconnected B detachedC attached D semi-detached 11. The _____ has plenty of room for the workout equipment that we had no space for in our first home. A porch B laundry C basement D closet 12. Most dwellings are _____ with central heating. A dealt B provided C complemented D suited 13. My hotel room looks _____ the lake. A on to B out on C on D out of 14. Money earned for manual work and paid daily or weekly is called a/an _____. A income B profit C wages D payment 15. Most people can earn a ______ only by working for others. A money B living C life D wages 16. Traffic signs provide information about _____ and road conditions.A departures B fares C speed banning D speed limits 17. There were a lot of vehicles and people in the street; it was a/an _____ street. A busy B active C heavy D crowded 18. The _____ work of public transportation depends on many factors. A vast B efficient C extensive D valid 19. They were about to _____ the train. A be late B miss C delay D board 20. We couldn’t come in time because we had been ______ in a traffic jam. A sat B stood C stuck D left 21. Are you going to get _____ at the next stop? A in B off C out D on 22. Have you already checked _____? A up B in C on D with 23. The phone is buzzing. Why don’t you _____ the receiver? A hang up B cut off C put through D pick up 24. Can you _____ look up the number of Browns and Co. in the directory? A look up B look through C look at D look after 25. Societies punish individuals to achieve revenge against lawbreakers and to _____ further crime. A commit B make C finish D prevent

1 a 2 b 3 d 4 c 5 c 6 a 7 c 8 a 9 b 10 b 11 c 12 b 13 b 14 d 15 b 16 d 17 a 19b 20 c21 b 22 a 23 d 24 (ответ уже в самом предложении- look up) 25 d

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