Put the verds in brackets in the Passive voice and complete the sentences. 1) Millions of books ______ in Russia last year. (publish) 2) The rind ______ to the clan. ( show) 3) ______ the dog ______ at 6 a.m.? (walk) 4) The coffee ______ by my granny. ( make) 5) When ______ the telephone ______?( invent) Translate info English. 1) Письмо написали вчера. 2) Ключи потеряли в библиотеке. 3) Елку нарядили 20 декабря. 4) Окна не помыли на прошлой неделе. 5) Еду купили вчера 6) Домашняя работа не была сделана вчера.

1) Millions of books were published in Russia last year.   2) The ring was shown to the Chan.    3) Was the dog being walked at 6 a.m.?   4) The coffee was made by my granny.   5) When was the telephone invented?   1) The letter was written yesterday.   2) The keys were lost in the library.    3) The Crictmas tree was decorated on the 20 of December.   4) Last week the windows were not washed.   5) The food was bought yesterday.    6) Yesterday the homework was not done.

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