Придумать проект на тему климат в лондоне!! по английскому не очень большой и не маленький!! помогите пожалуйста!!!1

The climate of London are mild and moderate throughout the year. Summer is warm, but rarely hot. The daily summer temperature rarely rises above 19 degrees C, although in recent years there has been more hot summer weather. Record-breaking heat waves was observed in 2003, when the temperature reached 38,1 C. in the Winter is cool, but not freezing at night the temperature, as a rule, does not fall below low as 0 C. Snowfalls are rare. Snow cover persists for only about 5 days in a year and the snow cover height is insignificant (about 25 mm) . Average annual rainfall is 584 mm, which is lower than in Rome or Sydney. Urban array creates its own microclimate. Therefore, the temperature in the city is often higher than in the neighboring city areas.

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