Помогите с английским1) a)off b)away c)by d)back2) a)asking b)demanding c)requesting d)appearing3) a)brings b)goes c)arrives d )drivers4) a)placed b)settled c)located d)put5)effect b)result c)outcome d)conclision6) a)return b)reserve c)repeat d)reverse7)a)moment b)period c)time d)intant A Great Mother.Janet Ferguson is a working mother. She loves her two children with all her heart, but sometimes she thinks how wonderful it would be to get 1)………..and be on her own for a little while.Janets mornings are incredibly busy. She gets up at the crack of dawn, so she can get herself ready before her two children wake up, hungry and 2)………..for breakfast, which, of course, she has to prepare. Once everyone is washed, dressed and fed, Janet 3)………..her son and daughter to school.Jane, the youngest, goes to a kindergarten which is 4)………..about twenty minutes from the city centre. Toms school is right in the middle of London, which means that on many mornings Janet has to deal with heavy traffic to get him there. As a(n) 5)……….. , she is often late for her job as an accountant at a large department store. Janet works hard for eight hours, and then turns around and does everything in 6)…………She picks up the children, takes them home, feeds them and then makes sure they are in bed at a normal time. By this 7)……….. every night, Janet is totally exhausted. It is only when she goes in to kiss Tom and Jane goodnight that she realises that all the work that she did that day was worth it because she has two such great people in her life.

1 b2 a3 d4 a5 b6 a7 a

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