ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!Выберете подходящее обстоятельство времени :1. I cant remember when / how long have had this CD player.2. Have you eaten asparagus before / already?3. Did you live here in / since 1995?4. I always got up at six lately / in those days.5. She fell asleep an hour ago / for an hour.6. I havent paid for my ticket still / yet.7. Weve known each other since / for many years.8. They havent seen Carol since / for last year.9. Actually I had dinner with Paul last night / lately.10. The other day / latery Nick received a parcel from home.11. Have you spoken to the manager still / yet ? 12. I ve seen Margaret quite ofhen latery / from time to time.13. Ruth bought a portable computer since then / last year.14. Sorry, but I havent finished that work already / yet.15. The price of petrol has risen considerably last time / over the past year.

1 how long2 before3 in4 in those days5 an hour ago6 yet7 for8 since9 last night10 the other day11 yet12 lately13 last year14 yet15 over the past year

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