Помогите!!! Пожалуйста!!! Complete the following sentences with A/AN,THE or no article.1. When ___ Ted`s grandmother was ___ schoolgirl she had ___ doll. ___ doll looked like ___ real baby.2.___ Mrs Hill has got ___ son. He is ___ economist.3.___ Hills have got ___ two sons. They are ___ pupils.4. That is ___ most difficult word in ___ dictation.5.___ second dictation was more difficult than ___ first one6. Let`s sing ___ fourth song. – That`s ___ good idea.7. There are ___ lot of ___ books about ___ Hyde Park.8. Is ___ Hyde Park ___ most beautiful park in ___ London?9. There is ___ bird in ___ tree. Can you see ___ bird?10. There are ___ birds in ___ tree. Can you see ___ birds?

1. When  Ted`s grandmother was a schoolgirl she had a doll. The doll looked like a real baby.2. Mrs Hill has got a son. He is an economist.3.The Hills have got  two sons. They are pupils.4. That is the most difficult word in dictation.5.The second dictation was more difficult than the first one6. Let`s sing the fourth song. – That`s a good idea.7. There are a lot of books about Hyde Park.8. Is Hyde Park the most beautiful park in  London?9. There is a bird in the tree. Can you see the bird?10. There are birds in the tree. Can you see birds?

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