По 3 аргумента “за” и “против” к теме “To learn a foreign language you need to spend several months in the country where it is spoken”

+1.Learning a foreign language in the country where it is spoken is the most effective way to master you language skills.Because you have an opportunity to communicate with native speakers.2.Being in a foreign counrty will make youself to learn a languge for “surving” in society3.Learning abroud gives you an opportunity to master you listening skills(because you will have to understand different TV progtamms,moves or speech of different people in streets,supermarkets etc)-1.Lerning language in foreigh country isnt cheap.Because you will have to rent a flat or a room where you will live,moreover a lot of money will be spent on transport,food, etc.2.Learning in you own country will be safer and cheaper.3.You will absolutly miss you friends,family because of being abroud for the long time

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