Задать вопрос эксперту Блог

1)Perhaps well go to Crimea for our holidayWe……ti Crimea for our holidayа)cant doб)must goв)may goingг)might go 2)Dont go into bathroom.Josh ………… a showerа)hasб)is havingв)has hadг)is having got3)……………..won eighteen gold Olempis medalsа)Michael Phelpsб)Sanya Richards-Rossв)Mo Farahг)Allyson Felix4)Luke hasnt got a watch.Hes always late.Luke(1)……….Late if he(2)……….a watch/а)(1)would always be;(2)Hadnt dotб)1)wouldnt always be;(2)Hadв)1)wont always be;(2)Hadг)1)wouldnt always be;(2)Has5)A………provides Legal advice а)lawyerб)housewifeв)traderг)butcher6)I wont leave home until Nickа)will phoneб)phonedв)would phoneг)phones

1. – г2. – б3. – а4. – б5. – а6. – г

Добрый день, помогите пожалуйста с контрольной. Нужно определить видо-временную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого. Перевод не нужен. 1.They have founded the company that will produce manufactured goods.2.He is speaking on the phone now.3.I was working at my office at 3 o”clock yesterday.4.The director of our office looked through all the cables and letters when the secretary brought him some letters from foreign firms.

1.They have founded (Present Perfect, Active voice) the company that will produce (Future Simple, Active Voice) manufactured goods.2.He is speaking (Present Continuous, Active Voice) on the phone now.3.I was working (Past Continous, Active Voice)...

Выберите подходящий вариант.В ответе запишите только буквы.1) My cousin very upset because his health has changed ____ worse.a) to;b) into;c) for;d) by.2) How long can man _____ food?a) do out;b) do without;c)make out;d)make up.3) You can’t join us, I’m afraid. There isn’t enough _____ in the car.a)place;b)seat;c)people;d)room

1 c(for)2 b(do without)3 d(room)

2. What is the profession of your dream? What do you want to be? Look at the leaflet on p. 57, SB and say which clubs you need to do for your future profession. If there are no clubs you need – suggest the club of your own! Помогите,пожалуйста, 6 класс!! ОЧЕНЬ срочно!!!

My future profession is psychologist. I like to work with people, solve other peoples problems, to talk heart to heart. I hope to help people solve their life problems.

Ad adjective suffixes to the verbs given below. make use of -ent, or -ant, -able or -ible, -ive,-ed, -ing, -some, -ile, -(at)ory;-worthy.1.it soon became (appar) that she was telling a lie. 2.theres nothing(amaze ) about walking home alone. 3. parents like their children to be(obey). 4. you should be more (persuade) if you want to get the job. 5. she is a kind of (quarrel), youd better avoid her. 6. do you think is (advise)to wait. 7. we were sure he was a (trust ) person. 8. any physical effort should be preceded by some (prepare)training. 9. she is hardly(distinguish) from her twin sister.10. the most (annoy) thing is that yoг lied to us.

1. Apparent2. Amazing3. Obedient4. Persuadable5. Quarrelsome6. Advised7. Trustworthy8. Preparative9. Distinguishable10. Annoying