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Замените модальные глаголы соответсвующими эквивалентами:1.He couldn't explain anything.2/You must not stay here .3.Can you swim?4.You may these books.5.They can run quickly.6.She might work in our room.7.Who can read this text?8.They must go theretomorow.9 May I go to the cinema ?10. We must meet at 7 o'clock

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1. He wasn't able to explain anything. 2. You aren't allowed to stay here. 3. Are you able to read? 4. You are allowed to take these books. 5. They are able to run quickly. 6. She was allowed to work in our room. 7. Who is able to read this text? 8. They have to go there tomorrow. 9.  Could I go to the cinema? 10. We have to meet at 7 o'clock.
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