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Помогите пожалуйста! Нужно вставить слова, вместо цифр в скобках. Слова для вставки: all, anybody, every, everything, some, somebody.  Текст.  The last thing I want is somebody who advises me. But Ive been asked recently to write a book of advice for young people. I know young people dont read advice books — they think they know (1). They also think that ( 2 ) who gives advice is not worth listening to. But here are ( 3 ) pieces. They are not in any order of importance.  1. Only wear white socks if you are playing tennis.  2. Read for at least an hour (4) day. 3. Remember that (5) governments tell lies. 4. Do not buy jewellery. (6) will only take it away from you. 5. Ask questions. And talk to strangers. 6. Try to get part-time work as a waiter or waitress. You will learn several useful things: how to deal with people, the secrets of the professional kitchen, and how to behave in restaurants. 7. Dont believe the shop assistant when she tells you that you look wonderful in the dress you tried on for laugh. 8. Never read advice columns.

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(1) everything