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Выпиши из рекламы мисс Чэттер прилагательные.Напиши их в трех степенях сравнения.  Welcome to Chatterplace!Chatterplace is a large farm. There is an old house and a big garden with flowers on the farm.The house is clean and nice/Come to my place!You can ride a strong brave horse.You can walk in the garden.You can swim in a wide river.You can read funny fairy tales.You can play with little rabbits.You can have a cup of warm milk in the evening.Chatterplace is what you want!You`ll have a good time here.Образец: large - larger - ( the ) largest.
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Large-larger-the largestold-older-the oldestbig-bigger-the biggestclean-cleaner-the cleanestnice-nicer-the niceststrong-stronger-the strongestbrave-braver-the bravestwide-wider-the widestfunny-funnier-the finniestlittle-less-the leastwarm-warmer-the warmestgood-better-the best
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