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Вы живете в Великобритании для праздников. У вас вечеринка вчера.Написать письмо вашим родителям около 80-100 слов. Скажите вашим близким:-где была вечиринка-кто были организаторами-информировать их о еде, которая служила-поделитесь своими впечатлениями о традиционной британской кухни-обещаю приготовить что-то от британской кухни, когда вы вернулись домой.
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Hello,my dear parents! How are you?Im good. Yesterday I was at party,it was in one club,but i didnt remember its name. Organizers were my new friends. They are 20 years old. They very good,funny and kind. I love them. They always support me and make my shine. Also they are beautiful and clever! I met with them in the street and they gave me an invitational for the party. Then we started to chat with them. Food was like fast food. Every teenagers love it. There were humbuggers, chickens,fri, pepsi,cola and so on.Traditional English food. I think its tea! It just my opinion. We were drink at 5 p.m a tea with a cupcake. It was pretty good:) And cute. Tea was usual. But we drank it in very beautiful cup! And cupcakes was mmm,delicious! They were beautiful,with a lot of decorations,tastes. I took one for you!I promise I will cook for you a very tasty cake! I hope it will be good:)Miss ya.
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