2. This piece of music … (not/record) yet. Ive just composed it.3. The thieves … (steal) the jewellery from the safe yesterday.4. We began work early, but we… (not finish) until late.5. Jenny … (complain) to the manager about the faulty items at themoment.6. This photograph… (take) by my grandfather when I was five.7. Dont touch the saucepan. You might … (burn) yourself.8. We… (delay) because there was a lot of traffic this morning.9. Not much… (know) about this complicated subject.10. Im going home now because all the work… (do).11. The new nightclub … (close) by the council last week.12. Jessica … (run) two kilometers every day before work.13. Jims house is very modern. It … (build) only two years ago.14. Dont stay up late tonight, or else you … (be) tired tomorrow.

2. hasnt been recorded3. stole4. didnt finish5. is complaining6. was taken7. have burnt8. were delayed9. is known10. has been done11.was closed12. runs13. was built15. will be tired

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