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Помогите по английскому нужно из прямой речи перевести в коссвенную) 1. She said, “How many hours a day do you watch TV?” 2. She said, “Don`t write a letter to Ann.” 3. He asked, “What magazines do you prefer to read?” 4. She said, “Tom is leaving tomorrow night.” 5. “Have you had your hair cut?”, my mother asked me. 6. The chief ordered, “Go to the theatre and book the tickets.” 7. She said, “Kent has visited many countries in western Europe.” 8. I said, “Don`t drink coffee at night, you will not sleep.” 9. He read, “The south of England is warmer than the North.” 10. “Are you going to pick up the phone?”, Miranda asked him. 11. He said, “Bring me some water, please.” 12. She was surprised, “Somebody stole my bag in the shop” 13. She asked, “Does this film about police and crime?” 14. “Please don`t tell anybody what happened”, Ann said to me. 15. He said, “I can` t move the piano alone.” 16. She said, “Dairy products are useful for little children.” 17. The teacher said, “What do you do to express yourself?” 18. She said, “Doctors don`t advise us to eat chips and chocolate.” 19. I asked my Dad, “Did you take part in the Great Patriotic War?” 20. The girl said, “All the guys try to look really cool driving up and down in their dad`s car.” 21. She said,” Limit saturated fats.” 22. She said, “Do you often take your blood pressure?” 23. She said, “Eat lots of fruits veggies and grain.” 24. He said, “Call a doctor if you have a strong pain in the heart.” 25. He said, “I am going to buy a new car.”
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2 she said not to write a letter to Ann 3 He asked what magazines he prefered to read 4She said that Tom was leaving next day night 5She asked if I had had my hair cut. 6 The chief ordered to go to the theatre and book the tickets 7 She said that Kent had visited many countries 8 I said not to drink coffee at night because you wouldnt sleep.9 He read that the south of England was warmer than the North. 10 Miranda asked him if he was going to pick the phone Все что успел
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